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Roy Rogers Filmography

"The Old Homestead" (Liberty, 1935)

"Slightly Static" (MGM, short subject, 1935)

"Way Up Thar" (educational short subject, 1935)

"Gallant Defender" (Columbia, 1935)

"The Mysterious Avenger" (Columbia, 1936)

"Rhythm on the Range" (Paramount, 1936)

"The Big Show" (Republic, 1936)

"The Old Corral" (Republic, 1936)

"The Old Wyoming Trail" (Columbia, 1937)

"Wild Horse Rodeo" (Republic, 1937)

"The Old Barn Dance" (Republic, 1938)

(The above films did not feature Roy in a starring role.
Under Western Stars" below, was his first starring role.)

"Under Western Stars" (Republic, 1938)

"Billy the Kid Returns" (Republic, 1938)

"Come On, Rangers" (Republic, 1938)

"Shine On, Harvest Moon" (Republic, 1938)

"The Arizona Kid" (Republic, 1939)

"Rough Riders' Roundup" (Republic, 1939)

"Frontier Pony Express" (Republic, 1939)

"Southward Ho" (Republic, 1939)

"In Old Caliente" (Republic, 1939)

"Wall Street Cowboy" (Republic, 1939)

"Jeepers Creepers" (Republic, 1939)

"Saga of Death Valley" (Republic, 1939)

"Days of Jesse James" (Republic, 1939)

"Young Buffalo Bill" (Republic, 1940)

"The Dark Command" (Republic, 1940)

"The Carson City Kid" (Republic, 1940)

"The Ranger and the Lady" (Republic, 1940)

"Colorado" (Republic, 1940)

"Young Bill Hickok" (Republic, 1940)

"The Border Legion" aka "West of the Badlands" (Republic, 1940)

"Robin Hood of the Pecos" (Republic, 1941)

"Arkansas Judge" (Republic, 1941)

"In Old Cheyenne" (Republic, 1941)

"Sheriff of Tombstone" (Republic, 1941)

"Nevada City" (Republic, 1941)

"Bad Man of Deadwood" (Republic, 1941)

"Jesse James at Bay" (Republic, 1941)

"Red River Valley" (Republic, 1941)

"Man from Cheyenne" (Republic, 1942)

"South of Santa Fe" (Republic, 1942)

"Sunset on the Desert" (Republic, 1942)

"Romance on the Range" (Republic, 1942)

"Sons of the Pioneers" (Republic, 1942)

"Sunset Serenade" (Republic, 1942)

"Heart of the Golden West" (Republic, 1942)

"Ridin' Down the Canyon" (Republic, 1942)

"Idaho" (Republic, 1943)

"King of the Cowboys" (Republic, 1943)

"Song of Texas" (Republic, 1943)

"Silver Spurs" (Republic, 1943)

"Man from Music Mountain" aka "Texas Legionnaires" (Republic, 1943)

"Hands Across the Border" (Republic, 1943)

"The Cowboy and the Senorita" (Republic, 1944)

"The Yellow Rose of Texas" (Republic, 1944)

"Song of Nevada" (Republic, 1944)

"San Fernando Valley" (Republic, 1944)

"Lights of Old Santa Fe" (Republic, 1944)

"Brazil" (Republic, 1944)

"Lake Placid Serenade" (Republic, 1944)

"Hollywood Canteen" (Warner Brothers, 1944)

"Utah" (Republic, 1945)

"Bells of Rosarita" (Republic, 1945)

"The Man from Oklahoma" (Republic, 1945)

"Sunset in El Dorado" (Republic, 1945)

"Don't Fence Me In" (Republic, 1945)

"Along the Navajo Trail" (Republic, 1945)

"Song of Arizona" (Republic, 1946)

"Rainbow Over Texas" (Republic, 1946)

"My Pal Trigger" (Republic, 1946)

"Under Nevada Skies" (Republic, 1946)

"Roll On Texas Moon" (Republic, 1946)

"Home in Oklahoma" (Republic, 1946)

"Out California Way" (Republic, 1946)

"Heldorado" (Republic, 1946)

"Apache Rose" (Republic, 1947)

"Hit Parade of 1947" (Republic, 1947)

"Bells of San Angelo" (Republic, 1947)

Springtime in the Sierras" (Republic, 1947)

"On the Old Spanish Trail" (Republic, 1947)

"The Gay Ranchero" (Republic, 1948)

"Under California Stars" (Republic, 1948)

"Eyes of Texas" (Republic, 1948)

"Melody Time" (RKO Radio Pictures, 1948)

"Night Time in Nevada" (Republic, 1948)

"Grand Canyon Trail" (Republic, 1948)

"The Far Frontier" (Republic, 1948)

"Susanna Pass" (Republic, 1949)

"Down Dakota Way" (Republic, 1949)

"The Golden Stallion" (Republic, 1949)

"Bells of Coronado" (Republic, 1950)

"Twilight in the Sierras" (Republic, 1950)

"Trigger, Jr." (Republic, 1950)

"Sunset in the West" (Republic, 1950)

"North of the Great Divide" (Republic, 1950)

"Trail of Robin Hood" (Republic, 1950)

"Spoilers of the Plains" (Republic, 1951)

"Heart of the Rockies" (Republic, 1951)

"In Old Amarillo" (Republic, 1951)

"South of Caliente" (Republic, 1951)

"Pals of the Golden West" (Republic, 1951)

"Son of Paleface" (Paramount, 1952)

"Alias Jesse James" (United Artists, 1959)

"MacKintosh and T. J." (Penland Productions, 1975)

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