Roy "Dusty" Rogers Jr.

Roy Rogers Jr. (better known as Dusty), is the eldest natural son of famed western stars Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Dusty grew up in the San Fernando Valley of California with his five sisters and one brother. Dusty admits that he wanted to get into show business since he was 16.

Dusty’s first professional taste was a small part in his father’s TV series, "The Roy Rogers Show" on NBC, while he was very small. In those early years he appeared in movies like "To Forgive a Thief" and "Arizona Bushwhackers" released by Paramount Pictures. He even starred in his own television variety show entitled, what else than "The Roy Rogers Jr. Show".

As Dusty’s career began to grow, other hidden talents began to develop. Following the footsteps of his Dad and Mom, Dusty began his recording career which opened new opportunities to appear in many major rodeo’s, state fairs, conventions, concert halls and dinner houses throughout the United States and Canada. His autobiography "Growing up with Roy and Dale" enlightens us to what it is like being the son of such famous parents.

Dusty also serves as the President and Executive Director of The Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum. Since the passing of his Dad and Mom, Dusty acts as the main spokesperson for the entire Rogers family.

Whether appearing by himself or with his band "The High Riders", you will experience a wide variety of emotion as you listen to Dusty sing, and appreciate his transparency as he share’s some of his family moments. Dusty continues the legacy of Roy and Dale by providing quality entertainment for the entire family.

Since June, 2003, Dusty and his band have been performing twice daily, five days a week, in the "Happy Trails Theater", which is housed inside the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum in Branson, MO. In 2004, Dusty had the distinct pleasure to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York, which had been a life-long dream of his.