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touch_cover.jpg The Touch of Roy and Dale
Tricia Spencer's compilation book, The Touch of Roy and Dale: The Impact and Influence of Roy Rogers, The King of the Cowboys, and Dale Evans, The Queen of the West, As Only Their Fans Could Tell It, is an intimate look at the rippling affect Roy and Dale had on the lives of others, told exclusively by family, friends, celebrity peers, and fans from all over the world. In keeping with the spirit of Roy and Dale's legacy, a portion of the gross proceeds of this book benefits Roy and Dale's charity, The Happy Trails Children's Foundation. A book for all generations, The Touch of Roy and Dale easily answers the question: What is a hero?

c_and_s_bio.jpg "The Cowboy & The Senorita" Biography Book Softcover
"Roy Rogers & Dale Evans are true American legends, beloved and admired by millions of people. They were top box-office attractions in dozens of movies from 1938 to 1951 and stars of their own TV show into the 1960's. Their fame as the most famous cowboy and cowgirl continue even today.
Together, this husband and wife team struggled through a series of incredible highs and devastating lows. Depending greatly on their faith in Jesus Christ, they managed to become symbols of an America brimming with promise and hope, and of a time when the good guys always wore white hats.
Now, in this new biography, named for their first feature film as a pair, the Rogers family shares their memories of Roy and Dale's careers, personal lives, and uncompromising faith. this book includes 50 previously unpublished photographs.

Dale Evans Rogers: "Only One Star" Book
Only One Star: A Cure for the Celebrity Syndrome

cowboy_cookbook_sm.jpg Cowboy Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes
Chock-full of great recipes from many well known Western stars. (paperback)

bow4b.jpg AC Comics "Best of the West" #4
Roy Rogers in "Roy Ropes a Tiger" art by John Buscema The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) in "Danger Rides a Bluff" art by Fred Guardineer Allan "Rocky" Lane in "The Alibi"art by Tom Cooke The Haunted Horsman (Ghost Rider) " The Night The World Ended" art by Dick Ayers Redmask (Tim Holt) in "The Cinderella Boot" art by Frank Bolle

christmas_book.jpg A Happy Trails Christmas - with Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Now you can celebrate the wonder of Christmas is this nostalgic collection of Roy and Dale's best-loved Christmas books: Christmas Is Always from Dale, and My Favorite Christmas Story from Roy. These classic books on the true meaning of Christmas, along with endearing family photos, bring the past alive. Roy Rogers Jr. adds an entertaining foreword about how the Rogers family celebrated the most wonderful time of the year.

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